According to the current Legislation (ΥΑ 14708 / 10-08-2007 and ΦΕΚ 1616 / Β / 17-08-2007) the companies that deal with the production, processing, transporting and sale of foods have the obligation to train their staff (employers and employees) on general issues of food hygiene and safety.

The ARIADNE WORK KDVM2 center organizes and implements mandatory training programs for the staff of food businesses on “Food Hygiene and Safety” – level 1, in response to a respective expression of interest,.

The above mentioned programs aim at quality assurance, the production of safe products and consumer protection in accordance with the Regulation 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on food hygiene.

E.F.E.T. (Hellenic Food Authority) determines the minimum content of the programs, approves of and controls their implementation, in accordance with the prerequisites, carries out the evaluation process and issues the respective certificates.

The Level 1 Programs address the training of simple food handlers in general issues of food hygiene and safety.


  1. Introduction to food safety
  2. Microorganisms and their features
  3. Food poisoning and how to prevent it
  4. Personal hygiene and behavior of the food handler
  5. The Work Environment
  6. Cleaning practices
  7. Common miasmas and their control
  8. Food hygiene legislation

Minimum duration: 10 hours

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