Providing Integrated Education & Exercise through micro-learning
Η διεξαγωγή του σεμιναρίου γίνεται μέσω του διαδικτύου, προσφέροντας στο συμμετέχοντα αυτονομία στη μάθηση στο πλαίσιο της εξ αποστάσεως εκπαίδευσης

Successful completion of the training leads to the issuance of a Certificate of Training by an accredited State entity


The ARIADNE WORK KDVM2 Center, in the framework of its activities, in the field of lifelong learning, organizes and implements a training seminar in accordance with the EOPPEP certified framework program of the “Adult Educator” professional profile.

The participants in the program acquire the right to participate in the certification exams of instructors of non-typical education of EOPPEP, in addition to the enhancement of their abilities – skills in educating adult groups (which is  the subject of their specialization).

The educational competence is certified through the successful participation of the interested beneficiaries in Certification Exams. The examinations are carried out in selected Examination Centers throughout the territory. They include a Theoretical as well as a Practical Modules. In the theoretical module the candidates answer short development questions drawn from a Theme Bank. In the practical module, the candidates present a 20 ‘microteaching in the subject of their specialization.

Educational competence is a “horizontal skill”.

The interested parties do not certify their specialization (economist, graphic designer, agronomist, etc.), but through the procedure followed. it is certified that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities, in order to teach in groups of adults, in structures of non-typical education (IEK, ΚΔΒΜ etc.).

Since 1.9.2020, the certified educational competence is a prerequisite for an instructor to participate in a non-typical education program funded by the public.

(article 68 of Law 4623/2019 (134 / A ‘/ 09-08-2019)