Every employee in the field of Private Security must hold a license issued by the Ministry of Civil Protection as required by the Joint Ministerial Decision 4892/1/76-C and the amendment of L.3707 / 2008.

In case the interested party does not hold a relevant diploma or degree, the work permit is granted upon completion of attending a specialized training program and successful participation in the examinations organized by ΚΕ.ΜΕ *, as stated on the no. 4892/1/76-γ΄ / 17-5-2010 Κ.Υ.Α.

The ARIADNE WORK KDVM2 Center, in the framework of collaborating with entities licensed by the Center for Security Studies (KE.ME.A.), implements training seminars and provides the opportunity to anyone interested in participating in the examinations of the EOPPEP and the KEMTEC in order to obtain a professional Security staff certification (Security Personnel).

The provided training service, a total of 105 hours training, is carried through a licensed system of modern distance-training.

* The National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) as exclusively responsible for the certification of professionals on the specialization for “Private Security Personnel” (for those who do not have a recognized professional title) has assigned the organization and conducting of the certification exams at the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) of the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection, in the framework of the cooperation that has been developed, according to the joint decision of the competent Ministers of Citizen Protection, Lifelong Learning and Religions and Labor and Social Security.